Canción "Rambler, Gambler"

Te mostramos la letra de La canción Rambler, Gambler (Rambler, Gambler), en inglés y traducida al castellano. Si siempre quisiste saber qué decía el tema Rambler, Gambler, descúbrelo aquí.

Rambler, Gambler

I’m a rambler, I’m a gambler
I’m a long way from my home
If the people don’t like me
They can leave me alone

Come sit down beside me
Come sit down right here
Come sit down, love, I want you
Love you boldly, so dear

When you get to Wyoming
A letter you’ll see
If you get into trouble
Just you write and tell me

For I once had a lover
Her age was sixteen
She’s a flower of velvet and the rose of Celine

Her parents was against me
Now she is the same
If I writ on your book, love
Just you blot out my name

Oh there’s changes in the ocean
There’s changes in the sea
There’s changes in my true love
Ain’t no change in me

Rambler, Gambler

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