Canción "Moonlight"

Te mostramos la letra de La canción Moonlight (Moonlight), en inglés y traducida al castellano. Si siempre quisiste saber qué decía el tema Moonlight, descúbrelo aquí.


The seasons they are turnin’
And my sad heart is yearnin’
To hear again the songbird’s sweet melodious tone
Meet me in the moonlight alone

The dusky light, the day is losing
Orchids, poppies, black-eyed Susan
The earth and sky that melts with flesh and bone
Meet me in the moonlight alone

The air is thick and heavy
All along the levee
Where the geese into the countryside have flown
Meet me in the moonlight alone

Well, I’m preachin’ peace and harmony
The blessings of tranquility
Floating like a dream across the floor
I’ll take you ’cross the river dear
You’ve no need to linger here
Draw the blinds, step outside the door

The clouds are turnin’ crimson
The leaves fall from the limbs an’
The branches cast their shadows over stone
Meet me in the moonlight alone

The boulevards of Cypress trees
The masquerades of birds and bees
The petals, pink and white, the wind has blown
Meet me in the moonlight alone

The trailing moss and mystic glow
Purple blossoms soft as snow
Step up and drop the coin right into the slot
The fading light of sunset glowed
It’s crowded on the narrow road
Who cares whether you forgive me or not

My pulse is runnin’ through my palm
The sharp hills are rising from
The yellow fields with twisted oaks that groan
Meet me in the moonlight alone


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  •   Escrita por: Bob Dylan
  •   Copyright: 2001 by Special Rider Music